Chuck Grassley. (RI photo)

It appears the U.S. House will swing to Republican control while it also appears the U.S. Senate will remain under a Democratic majority, which Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says won’t mean any changes in his priorities.

“My legislative goals would not be any different than they have been the last two years,” Grassley says, “and they will be getting inflation under control, which is the biggest issue, get this economy turned around, and stop the spending that fed the fires of inflation.” Grassley won last Tuesday’s election, defeating Democratic challenger Mike Franken, returning him to the Senate for an eighth term.

While it appears he’ll be in the minority for the next two years, Grassley says he’ll maintain a focus on winning the passage of three key issues. “One, the cattle feeders bill,” Grassley says. “The second one would be taking on big tech because of economic discrimination against small business that uses platforms like Google and Amazon. And then thirdly, fight the big price increases in prescription drugs.”

Grassley says he’s thrilled with the “Red Wave” in Iowa that saw all but one statewide race won by Republicans, with GOP gains in the Statehouse as well. Grassley couldn’t elaborate on why the party’s message didn’t resonate with enough voters across the country to wrestle back the Senate.”There was a good intention nationally to deliver the base, which as far as House races are concerned, six-million more Republicans turned out than Democrats, but not presumably the same attention given to the interest of Independents.”

Come January, Iowa’s congressional delegation will be all Republican for the first time in 66 years.

Radio Iowa