Things are going to get pretty windy across the state today. Jeff Zogg of the National Weather Service says this impacts every county.

“There’s a pretty strong cold front that’s going to be moving across the state later on today into this evening. And especially behind that, the winds are going to pick up. We have a wind advisory for the entire state for later this afternoon into this evening,” Zogg says. “Northwest winds 25 to 35 with gusts of 50 to 55 miles per hour are possible.”

You might want to be sure everything in your yard is secure. “With those winds, definitely has the possibility to blow around unsecured objects — including holiday decorations if they’re out– and tree limbs could be blown down and there could be some power outages as a result of that,” Zogg says.

You can also say goodbye to the warm temperatures. “This will be the warmest day that we’ll see for a little bit. Highs on Saturday across the state will range from the lower 20s to the middle 30s,” Zogg says. Those driving high-profile vehicles this afternoon and evening should use caution in the high winds.