Freezing rain could make the going very slow this  afternoon and tomorrow morning across much of northwest and north-central Iowa.

Meteorologist Allan Curtis, at the National Weather Service, says it’s a tricky call to make but they want motorists across the region to be cautious. “Temperatures are going to be right around freezing, one or two degrees above or below,” Curtis says, “and for the most part, we’re not talking about snow with this one, we’re talking about freezing drizzle, freezing rain or maybe just generic cold rain.”

Curtis says conditions could change quickly and drivers in cities including Sheldon, Storm Lake, Estherville and Algona will need to be prepared for the worst. “Portions of northwest Iowa, we have under a Winter Storm Watch at the moment,” Curtis says. “Those are the areas that are most likely to see any ice accumulations from drizzle or rain and fortunately, we’re not talking about massive amounts, we’re talking maybe a 10th of an inch or a little bit more than that, but certainly enough to cause some issues.”

The storm front should arrive over northwest Iowa late this afternoon and will continue moving across the region into tomorrow morning.  “As we go through the day Tuesday, fortunately, temperatures do look to warm a little bit,” Curtis says, “so some of these areas, especially on the southern end, that do see some freezing drizzle and freezing rain will likely turn over to all rain.”

The Tuesday forecast also calls for windy conditions, with gusts approaching 45 miles an hour. There’s another chance for snow on Thursday.

(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)

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