A federal grand jury is making multiple charges against the Adair police chief in a scheme with a friend to illegally purchase machine guns.

Court documents say 46-year-old Bradley Wendt exploited his position to acquire 13 machine guns for his Denison-based gun store BW Outfitters using false statements to the ATF that the machine guns were being demonstrated for future potential purchase by the Adair Police Department.

He also obtained 10 machine guns for Williams Contracting operated by his friend, Robert Williams with false documentation indicating the Adair department also was considering purchasing them. Wendt and Williams are also accused of hosting public machine gun shoots where they charged people money to shoot machine guns registered to their gun stores and the Adair Police Department as they intended to stockpile machine guns to later sell for their personal profit.

Both are charged with conspiracy to make false statements and defraud the ATF. Wendt is charged with 18 counts of making a false statement to the ATF and one count of illegally possessing a machine gun. Williams is charged with three counts of making a false statement and aiding and abetting a false statement to the ATF.

Radio Iowa