The U.S. Justice Department is asking a judge to sentence an Iowa man to more than five years in prison for his role in the U.S. Capitol riot.

Video showed Doug Jensen of Des Moines leading a group of rioters toward the U-S Senate chamber. In September, a jury found Jensen guilty of five felonies. His sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow. In a letter to the court, a Capitol Police inspector said there would have been “tremendous bloodshed” if Officer Eugene Goodman hadn’t diverted Jensen away from the chamber where senators were meeting.

In another January 6th case, a woman from Des Moines who was scheduled to go on trial yesterday has pleaded guilty to illegally entering the Capitol. The trial for Deborah Sandoval’s son is underway. Salvador Sandoval of Ankeny faces a dozen charges. Prosecutors say he assaulted four Metro DC police officers during the 15 minutes he was inside the Capitol.