Marengo fire December 8th. (Iowa County Sheriff’s Dept. photo)

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued an Emergency Order today (Friday) against the company that was the scene of a large explosion and fire in Marengo on December 8th.

More than one dozen employees were injured in the explosion at the C6-Zero plant that was making oil and other products out of old shingles. The DNR order says the plant is a “clear threat to public health and the environment” in its current condition and there’s a possibility of “another catastrophic event” due to chemicals still inside the building.

The emergency order requires the immediate stabilization of hazardous conditions and the removal of all solid waste on-site, as well as the full remediation of the area. The order details numerous DNR visits to the plant and another fire on October 8th.

A spokesperson for the DNR says they are not commenting on the order as this is an ongoing investigation.