Sen. Grassley

Congressional leaders released a proposed new budget plan about 1:30 this morning to keep the federal government running through next fall.

During a morning interview with Radio Iowa, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was asked if he’d had a chance to look over the legislation and form any opinions on it.

“You gotta’ be kidding,” Grassley says. “4,100 pages? We’re we’re just now starting dividing it up among me and my staff to give it a thorough review.”

To avoid a government shutdown, a new budget needs to be in place by midnight Friday.

“I can’t give you any judgment on it,” Grassley says. “We’re going to have to study it. We’ve got about 24 hours to get through this before we have to cast a vote, so you’ll have to wait and see what I announce when I make up my mind.”

The Iowa Republican says the budget proposal is worth a total of one-point-seven trillion dollars. “Which includes 45-billion for Ukraine, 40-billion for disasters, storms and wildfires,” Grassley says. “It included some money-laundering legislation and a freedom memorial that I’ve been trying to get passed for a long period of time.”

While he may still have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, Grassley says there’s one thing that’s -not- on his list and that’s former President Trump’s non-fungible tokens. Grassley says he won’t be investing in the digital trading cards.

“No, I’m not going to do that,” Grassley says. “I’ve I watched my money pretty close and I don’t want to throw away $99.”

The Trump NFTs sold out last Friday, a day after they were initially released.

Radio Iowa