The four Iowans who’ll be serving in the U.S. House next year all back California Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House Speaker.

A few conservative House Republicans say they won’t vote for McCarthy and their opposition blocks his ability to win a House vote for speaker next month. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion says McCarthy put in the work to secure a GOP majority in the House and he’ll ensure House Republicans deliver on their campaign promises.

“I think he’s going to be a really good speaker,” Hinson says. “He has done an incredible job of helping our conference unite, not only to be the check on the Biden Administration and fire Nancy Pelosi, but unite behind an agenda that we want to deliver and execute on, starting on January 3rd, so I’m hopeful we’re able to get moving on that as quickly as possible, get through some of the drama of the leadership elections and get down to business.” Hinson, who’ll be representing Iowa’s new second congressional district next year, made her comments on “Iowa Press” on Iowa PBS.

Iowa Congressman-elect Zach Nunn of Bondurant says McCarthy is a pragmatic leader who has his vote.

“I strongly support a Speaker McCarthy,” Nunn says. “I want someone who’s going to hold D.C. accountable.”

McCarthy has been making promises to pick up conservatives’ votes, like promising to put a Republican congresswoman back on House committees and removing some high-profile Democrats from others next year. Nunn applauds those moves.

“I salute him on those fronts and being speaker, you know, whether you’re Speaker Pelosi (who is stepping down as House Democrats’ leader) or a potential Speaker-elect here in McCarthy, it’s a hard job,” Nunn says. “What has resonated with me is the ‘one team, one fight’ mentality of the leadership. I think that’s how we’re going to do the best work for the American people.”

McCarthy flew to Des Moines in October to help Nunn raise money for his campaign. Second district Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion has tweeted that McCarthy “put in the work: to secure a GOP majority in the House and he’ll ensure House Republicans deliver on their campaign promises. First district Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Le Claire and fourth district Congressman Randy Feenstra of Hull are also backing McCarthy for speaker.

A few weeks ago, about three dozen House Republicans did not support nominating McCarthy as House Speaker next year — but none were from Iowa.