Cong. Hinson. (photo from Hinson’s office)

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson spoke about the ongoing fight to elect fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House during her weekly conference call with reporters.

“I obviously support Kevin for speaker and the message I’ve been communicating to my colleagues is that the sooner we elect Kevin, the sooner we get to fire the 87,000 new IRS agents, the sooner we can secure the border, get to work on the agenda that we promised to the American people,” Hinson says.

Hinson was asked if she has any relationships with any of the Republicans blocking McCarthy and if she might be able to help unblock the progress. “I think Iowans are tired of games they don’t want more games and I came here to end that chaos and dysfunction as I said , so again, that’s the message that I’m communicating to my colleagues,” Hinson says.
“I’m ready to get to work. Our Republican Conference is united behind our agenda. So we should unite behind Kevin so we can get to work.”

Hinson was asked at what point do House Republicans start looking at other options. “I’ve obviously supported Kevin on every ballot, I plan to go to the floor and continue supporting Kevin McCarthy. He is the right person to lead our conference, and he has the support of the vast majority of our conference, over 200 members of the Republican Conference support. Kevin McCarthy,” Hinson says.

She says her message to colleagues holding out will continue to be that Iowans are sick and tired of the “chaos and dysfunction.” Hinson is from Marion and was elected to a second term in November representing the new Second Congressional District.

Radio Iowa