Brandon Boesenberg. (KCRG TV photo)

The murder trial of a Cedar Rapids man accused of killing his father, mother and sister continues today. Twenty-year-old Alexander Jackson faces three counts of first-degree murder in the 2021 killings at the family home.

In testimony streamed by KCRG TV, former Cedar Rapids crime scene investigator Brandon Boesenberg was asked by Assistant Linn County Attorney Monica Slaughter if the gun found at the scene was used to kill Jackson’s father Jan, mother Melissa and 19-year-old sister Sabrina.

“And what’s your opinion. Is that the gun used to kill those three people,” Slaughter asked. “Yes,” Boesenberg replied. While each body was found in a separate room — Boesenberg testified prints from the rifle found on scene belonged to Jackson.

“You found that latent print one matched the left palm of the defendant correct,” Slaughter asked. Boesenberg replied “yes. “And latent two matched the right palm of the defendant, is that also correct,” she asked and Boesenberg replied “yes”.

Jackson was shot in the foot and told police officers who responded to the house that an intruder shot him and the others. During cross examination defense attorney Tyler Johnston questioned Boesenberg about the third partial print pulled from the gun. He asked whether it could have come from an intruder. Boesenberg said the print couldn’t be connected to anyone.

Today  will be the fourth day of testimony.


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