Veterans groups are urging lawmakers to find more money for a state fund that helps low income veterans cover unexpected expenses. Iowa Commission on Veterans Affairs chair Elizabeth Ledvina spoke at Wednesday’s Iowa Veterans Day ceremony at the Capitol.

“Update the Veterans Trust Fund…to meet needs in the 2023 economy,” she said, to applause.

Veterans with an annual income below $41,000 may apply for grants from the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund for things like medical equipment, counseling and emergency repairs to a home or vehicle. The fund awarded half a million dollars worth of grants last fall and is out of money until the next state budgeting year starts July 1. Senator Bill Dotzler of Waterloo served in the Army Security Agency in Germany during the Vietnam era. He’s proposing a half a million dollar emergency allotment for the next five months, “and hopefully we can continue on to double the amount of money in that fund,” Dotzler said.

That would ensure the fund has a million dollars every year. Other lawmakers are proposing a slightly lower $800,000 annual amount.