A bill that’s cleared initial hurdles in the Iowa House AND Senate would let visitors in Iowa amusement parks and county fairs use credit cards to play the ring toss and other games in the midway.

Jake Ketzner is a lobbyist for the Association of Iowa Fairs and for Adventureland, the amusement park in central Iowa. He says under current law, visitors can use credit cards to pay for admission, for food and souvenirs.

“This bill would simply allow the use of a credit card for midway type games,” Ketzner says. “Forty percent of Americans, according to Pew Research, don’t carry cash, so it’s just providing that option for guests, for a little bit more flexibility.”

Senator Mike Bouselot of Ankeny says it seems like an inconvenience to find out you need cash to play midway games. “You shouldn’t have to take a trolley to go find money to go pay to play on the midway,” he says.

The Iowa State Fair already has an exemption which lets fair-goers use credit cards to play games on the midway. If the bill becomes law, the policy would extend to Adventureland in Altoona, Lost Island Amusement Park in Waterloo and the Arnolds Park Amusement Park as well as Iowa county fairs.

Radio Iowa