Arizona Republican Kari Lake is urging Iowans to ask the presidential candidates who’ll be campaigning here where they stand on election integrity.

“I don’t care is they call us election deniers,” Lake said this weekend in Iowa. “I’m an election reform advocate. That’s what I am.”

Lake lost her 2022 race for Arizona governor by 17,000 votes. She’s asking the Arizona Court of Appeals to revive her lawsuit alleging illegal voting and problems with ballot printers cost her the election. Lake, an Iowa native, drew large crowds at events in Bettendorf and Ankeny.

“We’re off the sidelines. We are ready to hire people — I say ‘hire.’ I mean, ‘vote for,’ but we’re really hiring them for the job — who are going to go and represent us and give us back our government,” Lake said, “because we’re tired of it being tied up with a bunch of crooks and criminals.”

Lake’s events had the features of an Iowa Caucus campaign stop. After addressing the crowds from a stage, she lingered to speak with individual Iowans, but Lake told reporters she’s a big supporter of Donald Trump’s campaign to return to the White House and does not plan to run for president herself.

Radio Iowa