A Winter Storm Warning extends across much of southern and eastern Iowa from Council Bluffs all the way to Dubuque.

Meteorologist Craig Cogil, at the National Weather Service, says the snow will start falling in most areas late this afternoon and tonight and may continue well into Thursday.

“We’re gonna see moderate to heavy snow across about the southeastern half to two-thirds of the state, looking at anywhere from six-to-eight inches across south-central Iowa,” Cogil says, “and then head to the central part of the state, a little bit lighter, three-to-six or two-to-six inches, and then about the northern third of the state, very light amounts, generally an inch or two.”

Cogil says it’s likely the snow won’t be on the ground for too long, as warmer temperatures are in the forecast. “After we get the system gone, actually, it looks pretty quiet as we head into Friday and the weekend and moderating temperatures as well,” he says, “with temperatures climbing back into the 40s and even some 50s in some portions of the state by Sunday.”

Forecasters say the approaching storm system is unpredictable and a wide section of the state could get as little as two inches of snow — or as much as ten. Keep up with the changing forecast at weather.gov.

(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)

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