The Iowa Pork Producers Association is hosting four regional conferences across Iowa this week.

Dal Grooms, the organization’s spokeswoman, says the meetings will be focused on providing useful information for hog farmers.
“In the morning, we’re going to have Pork Quality Assurance Plus training for people who need to get their certification in that,” Grooms says, “and that’s really a training that helps people understand how to take better care of pigs.”

Grooms says the afternoon sessions will include a host of local and regional experts who will be discussing a range of issues.
“We’re going to talk about African Swine Fever and what’s going on in Europe with that and what kind of lessons can be learned,” Grooms says. “We’re also going to talk about economic issues for the livestock industry, for the swine industry, and probably talk a little bit about corn and soybean prices.”

One session will zero in on how hot weather can quickly cause critical problems for pork producers during the Iowa summer.
“We’re going to talk about some research that’s been done at Iowa State in terms of heat stress as it relates to barn ventilation,” she says, “and then finally, we’re going to talk about the value of manure. Iowa State’s done a lot of research there as well and can help people determine what is that value that they put on their crop fields.”

The meetings will be held in Orange City today (Monday), Webster City on Tuesday, Nashua on Wednesday and in Washington on Thursday. Learn more at:

(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)

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