Lane Segestrom (screen capture from U.S.D.A. video)

An Iowa company that plans to make boards out of the leftover stalks and leaves from corn known as stover, finally plans to begin contruction.

Corn Board founder and CEO Lane Segestrom, says the original start up was delayed by the supply chain and other issues. “We were very close to breaking ground in Sac County outside of Odebolt, Iowa, and we will be doing that this year building our first full size Cornboard facility,” Segestrom.

He says they will make pallets out of the corn-based boards.”It’ll do about 10 million square feet of board a year and we will have somewhere between 50 and 75 farmers that we’ll be working with to take just a little bit of their stover and push it into a board and share it with the world,” he says.

Segestrom says it is great to finally see things move forward.”We’re really excited about that, and just the innovation of bio-based products is something that we’ve been really working hard at,” he says.

Segestrom talked about the plant’s start up Wednesday at a U.S.D.A. forum on bio-based products.

Radio Iowa