Within the span of four days, two leading candidates for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination are visiting Davenport, the county seat for Scott County.

“It shows how important Scott County is, how one of the largest river cities is going to have an impact come Caucus time,” Scott County GOP chair Jeanita McNulty said.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s expected to enter the race soon, was in Scott County Friday. Former President Donald Trump will speak in Davenport tonight. In 2020, Scott County was one of only six Iowa counties that Joe Biden won, but Scott County Republicans won big in 2022. GOP candidates won competitive legislative seats and all but one county official is a Republican.

“Now the county board of supervisors are all Republicans and I don’t believe that’s ever happened in history,” McNulty said.

As Trump’s 2024 campaign kicks off in Iowa today, senior campaign advisor Bobby Kaufmann said it made sense to start in Scott County.

“It’s a very robust population when it comes to votes,” Kaufmann said.

Scott County is the third largest county in Iowa, with nearly 104,000 registered voters.

Trump will be speaking in the Adler Theater tonight. He held a campaign rally there in July of 2016 that drew a crowd of 2500. Kaufmann said tonight’s crowd will be first to hear about Trump’s education plans. “We’re expecting him to unveil significant pieces of policy that you could look forward to seeing in his next administration,” Kaufmann said.

The latest voter registration data shows there are still slightly more Democrats than Republicans in Scott County. However, the total number of Scott County Democrats dropped by about 3000 since 2020– while the number of GOP voters in Scott County grew by 3000 since March of 2020.

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