The Iowa Utilities Board. (photo from video of meeting)

The Iowa Utilities Board heard from the attorneys representing two companies which hope to build carbon dioxide pipelines today as they try to work out scheduling issues for their permit requests.

IUB chair, Geri Huser asked a series of questions of Wolf Carbon Solutions attorney Amanda James,  including if they still plan to request a hearing on the project in the second quarter of 2024. At this time it’s too early to be able to tell when we would like to schedule our hearing. They’re just getting out in the field now, and so they’re working with landowners, property owners,” she says. “To be able to say when we want a hearing, we just don’t have that information yet for a defined route.”

Huser told James the Board does not believe there needs to be oral arguments on the location of the hearing — which is required to be near the middle of the area where the pipeline will be built. “We agree and we thought that maybe just written comments if there’s any ideas on how to determine the location or midpoint,” James says.

Navigator Ventures attorney Samantha Norris was also asked about the timeline for the hearing. “We are requesting a hearing in the first quarter — we’ll plan on requesting a hearing in the first quarter of 2024. We would ideally like to finish that hearing before spring planting commences,” Norris says. Norris says they would like to start construction in the first half of 2024 if approved.

She was also asked about taking oral arguments on the proposed site for the hearing on the pipeline.”At this point, we don’t know that oral arguments are necessary. But because we have a number of interested stakeholders. And because our the layout of our line differs somewhat from Summit’s and from Wolf’s we think that it should be briefed at least so that all parties have a chance to say what location they think or multiple locations may be compliant with the statutory requirements,” Norris says.

Summit Carbon Solutions is the third company proposing a pipeline — with a public hearing on the project set for October.

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