The April 18th federal tax filing deadline is rapidly approaching and the IRS plans to open its Des Moines office Saturday to take questions.

IRS spokesman, Christopher Miller, says no appointment is necessary. “Opening the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center on Saturday we hope gives people who work during the week and can’t get away the chance to have their issues resolved with someone face to face without an appointment,” Miller says.

He says they usually get a variety of questions during these types of events. )”We expect to help people this Saturday who maybe have a balance due and they want to make a tax payment. Perhaps they want a copy of their transcript,” he says. “They may have refund questions or need to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Or maybe they’ve received a notice or a letter from the IRS.”

He says it is important for people to know there’s one thing they can’t do. “We do not prepare tax returns at the Taxpayer Assistance Center. Not only this Saturday but at any time,” he says. Your can get information on free tax filing on the IRS website.

Miller says be sure to have everything you need before coming in. “Almost everyone needing help from the IRS this Saturday should bring a copy of their most recent tax return. Any letters or notices from the IRS they received — two forms of I-D if they’re trying to verify their identity. And if possible social security cards for you or any dependents if necessary,” Miller says.

The assistance center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at 210 Walnut Street in Des Moines.

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