Vandals spray-painted obscenities on a Webster City sculpture and swung on the piece, causing more damage. The abstract metal sculpture was placed in Brewer Creek Park to honor Kent Harfst, a longtime city Park and Recreation director, who died in 2019.

Janet Adams, of the “Arts R Alive” group in Webster City, was saddened by the vandalism. “It was disappointing,” Adams says, “and we just had no issues at all for so many years, so we were kind of surprised.” The sculpture was created with help from $12,000 raised by residents. Adams says they’ll work to clean up and repair the sculpture and they’ll keep a closer eye on it going forward.

“Park and Rec and the police department have both said there will be some extra surveillance for a while,” Adams says, “and we do have a camera up, too, so I think we’ll get it under control.” Adams says the Arts R Alive group is looking for donations to defray the costs to repair the damage.

(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)