We’re about one month into the new school year and some drivers are still forgetting to stop when school buses are dropping off and picking up kids. Sioux City Police Sergeant Mark Huberty says they’ve had to issue a number of tickets.

“Just a reminder to citizens that you have to stop going toward them or when you’re behind them, so either direction you have to stop when those lights are on in the school bus stop sign is out,” he says. Huberty says violating the school bus law involves more than a ticket. “First of all there’s a court appearance required, and the fines are from 345 dollars to 930 ,” Huberty says, “and the DOT will also suspend your your driving privileges for 30 days.”

Huberty says they’ve seen too many drivers recently not paying attention. “Last week we had five of those violations come out, so want to make citizens aware that they need to be careful around the school buses. They have pretty good cameras and it’s pretty easy to see.” He’s referring to the cameras on the buses which can record the violation and information on the drivers.

(By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)