The Chair of the White House Climate Task Force says changes in the world’s climate are like a large barge moving slowly toward shore that needs to be turned around. Speaking at the National Forum for Agriculture in Ames, Dirk Forrister, says the changes have to be made slowly and thoughtfully. Forrister says there is enough support from some of the best scientists inthe world to make some changes in things such as harmful gas emissions. Forrister told farmers at the Iowa State University conference that oneplan for dealing with the problem could be an emission credit trading system in which farmers could gain credit for producing crops that help get rid of harmful emissions. Forrister says the credit system is only one idea being discussed and it hasn’t gone far in development. He says farmers can play a big part in reducing emissions. Forrister says the President and Vice President are very interested in dealing with the climate change issue. He says it will continue to be an issue for whoever occupies the White Houseafter the 2000 election.