While questions are raised about China, spying and nuclear secrets, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley is considering what he calls that nation’s brokenpromises that effect Iowa farmers. Grassley says China vowed years ago to open its markets to U-S-produced meats, especially pork. Grassley convened a hearing yesterday in Washington D-C to examine the status of agricultural trade issues between the U-S and China. Grassley doesn’t want China admitted to the World Trade Organization with all sorts of special privileges. He fears the Clinton Administration will give China concessions and thus an unfair advantage over American farmers. In another ag-related issue, Grassley says he hasn’t decided yet whether he sees a problem in yesterday’s announced merger between industrial giant DuPont and Iowa-based seed corn leader Pioneer Hi-Bred. Grassley says he’s got to think about the 7-point-7 billion dollar deal.