U-S-led airstrikes on Kosovo are a decisive move, according to Iowa SenatorTom Harkin, who says this military action in the region is long overdue.Some Iowans protested last night in Des Moines over the air strikes.Demonstrators say the attacks will only bring more war and criticize U-Stroops remaining in Bosnia many months longer than planned. Harkin says theAmerican presence in the region is helping, not hurting, matters.While critics of the U-S action say it’ll lead to a conflict with Russia,Harkin says he’s unconcerned about any backlash. Harkin expects the bombingruns on Kosovo to continue for many days, perhaps weeks.Harkin visited Kosovo and the region last November. He says the U-S cannotpermit the genocide that’s been taking place there and fully supportsPresident Clinton’s order for the U-S to participate in the bombings.