Iowans are speaking out about the U-S-led attacks on Kosovo. Iowa SenatorChuck Grassley is holding public hearings in 17 counties this week, and sayshe’s hearing plenty of concerns about the bombings. Grassley says he didn’tsupport the attack, but is backing the troops now that we’re committed.Grassley, a republican, says national polls show a slim majority ofAmericans approve of the bombings. He thinks the same may be true of Iowans.While Grassley says there is no exit strategy for ending the Kosovo mission,he is frightened by the perception that some U-S leaders may have a “oncewe’re in, we must win” attitude. Grassley says it is wrong to use NATO as anoffensive weapon to invade an independant nation. He’s holding publichearings today in Garner, Algona, Emmetsburg, Pocahontas and Alta.