A key legislator conceeds there are problems in writing a bill which wouldforce meatpackers to reveal the prices they pay for livestock. Mandatoryprice reporting would disclose what ‘packers pay to farmers who raise hogsand cattle on contract. Senate President Mary Kramer, a republican fromWest Des Moines, says packers may go elsewhere if they believe the law makesthem disclose too much. Kramer says it is a farm crisis and legislators haveto figure a way to work through it. She says the worst thing legislators cando is tak action that has unintended consequences. Yesterday, GovernorVilsack called upon legislators to pass a bill which would provide somefinancial help for livestock farmers by reducing interest rates on loans bythree percent. Kramer says federal officials are better able to address thefarm crisis.Kramer says the pork price rebound earlier this year took the pressure offlawmakers to quickly react to historically low hog prices.