Did you hear the one about “Senator Bullworth launching a bid for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination?

Actor Warren Beatty, star of the movie “Bullworth,” has told reporters he’s thinking about running for President if he doesn’t like what he sees in Al Gore or Bill Bradley. Iowa Democrat Party Chairman Rob Tully said Beatty probably won’t be taken seriously by Iowa Democrats.

“But I think that it will be enjoyable having another caniddate in taking about campaign finance reform, which we need in the worst way,” Tully said.

If you haven’t seen the movie, this will ruin it for you, but the character Bullworth is assassinated by lobbyists after he speaks out against the current campaign finance system and advocates dramatic change.

Tully laughed when asked whether Beatty knows he was not a U.S. Sneator, but just portraying one in a film.

“I’m sure he does,” Tully said, breaking again to laugh. “But the movie’s very poignant and it certainly reflects his view as to what’s wrong with the political system in this country, that it is basically influenced by large amounts of money from special interests.”