Vice President Al Gore is spending the Labor Day holiday in Iowa, buildingties with union workers around the state. Gore spent Sunday afternoon in Waterloo, where he spoke to about 200sedging to be a friend of the labor movement if he’s electedPresident. Gore criticized Republican-led efforts to allow union members towithhold the portion of their union dues which are used for politicalactivities.Without mentioning republican presidential candidate George W. Bush by name,Gore said G.O.P. candidates have “buckled” to pressure to bash unions withthe so-called “paycheck protection” proposal.Just last month, Gore spoke to the Iowa Federation of Labor’s stateconvention in Waterloo, where he outlined many of the themes he’s discussingthis weekend. For example, Gore is calling for a ban on hiring “replacementworkers.”Gore began his Sunday in Detroit, then made a stop in Waterloo beforemeeting with Sioux City-area supporters Sunday night. Today, Gore formallyreceives the endorsement of Senator Tom Harkin, then the Vice Presidentwalks in a Labor Day parade in Des Moines, attends a Labor Day picnic inCedar Rapids and concludes his Iowa trip with a stop in Dubuque.