Governor Vilsack says Iowa farmers may find a silver-lining in theearthquake which struct Taiwan earlier this week. Vilsack, who is leading anIowa trade delegation in the Far East, says Taiwan may be too busyrebuilding its computer semi-conductor industry, giving Iowa farmers anopening to provide more food to the Taiwanese.Governor Vilsack says import restrictions in Hong Kong and China — andChina’s insistence on self-sufficiency — mean it’ll be difficult to sellmore Iowa-grown pork and beef in China. Vilsack says there’s a betterpossibility of joint ventures between Iowa farmers and China to help theChinese raise more hogs.Vilsack hosted a “Taste of Iowa” banquet last night in Shanghai. As you mayrecall, Vilsack and the Iowa delegation were in Taiwan for this week’searthquake but were not injured.