What would normally be a routine appointment by Governor Vilsack has onesegment of the medical profession buzzing. Vilsack has appointed a doctor ofchiropractic medicine to the Iowa Board of Health — the first chiropractornamed to the board in the state’s history. Iowa Chiropractic SocietySpokesman Todd Stevens says the appointment of Dr. Cheryl Hawk to the boardis an important breakthrough for chiropractic medicine.Stevens says this move recognizes that chiropractic medicine is a vital partof Iowa’s health care system.Chiropractors treat disease by manipulating the joints in the body. Stevenssays they have long fought the image of being less professional than otherdoctors.Dr. Hawk is a native of Coralville. She is an associate proffessor at thePalmer Center for Chiropractic Research in Davenport.