The Iowa Soybean Association is urging Republican members of the U-S Houseto loosen the U-S trade embargo against Cuba. A proposal to allow food andmedicine sales to Cuba is included in the emergency farm aid package whichhas stalled in Washington. Iowa Soybean Association Executive Director KirkLeeds.says if Republicans in Congress want farmers to continue to support theFreedom to Farm Act, then they must take actions to open foreign marketslike Cuba’s to U-S crops.Congressman Tom Latham is a member of the committee trying to strike adeal on the emergency farm aid package, and Leeds is urging Iowa soybeanfarmers to contact Latham on the Cuba trade issue.Latham agrees Cuba is a sticking point.Latham says the committee may not be able to complete its work today.In May, the Iowa Soybean Association launched a postcard campaign to urgePresident Clinton to lift the food embargo against Cuba.