A study by the University of Iowa shows doctors need better sources to answer questions related to the treatment of patients. Family medicineprofessor John Ely says they studied the day-to-day activies of doctors andoften have questions during the day they can’t answer. Ely says these ARENOT questions that threaten patient treatment. The questions brought up by doctors were more general questions not dealingwith immediate patient care. He says doctors had the most questions aboutdrug prescriptions. Ely says doctors often gave up on pursuing the answers.You might think doctors could just jump on the internet and quickly find theanswer. Ely says it doesn’t work that way.The internet is used very little and doctors say it takes too long to findthe answer via the internet. Ely says improved textbooks could help.Ely says there needs to be a better way of organizing the questions doctorshave so they can be answered quickly and correctly.