The Government of the Student Body at Iowa State University debated forseveral hours Wednesday night before passing a resolution agreeing to keepthe annual Veishea (VEE-shah) celebration alcohol-free. University PresidentMartin Jischke (Jish-key) said he would cancel the event without the pledge.Veishea Co-chair Justin Chestnut says the debate by student leaders was moreover how the ultimatum was delivered, than the desire to keep alcohol at theevent.Rioting and a stabbing death at past Veishea celebrations prompted PresidentJischke to call for the alcohol-free pledge, which was instituted for thefirst time last year. Chestnut says student senators felt better about thesituation after airing their views with Jischke.Chestnut says the three groups governing the fraternities, sororities and theresidence halls must still approve the alcohol-free pledge. He expects themto follow the lead of the G-S-B.The Veishea celebration is scheduled for April 14th through the 16th.