The State Board of Regents today approved a four-point-three percentincrease in tuition for the students at the three state universities.University of Iowa student body president Lana Zak wasn’t in favor of theincrease. Zak now wants to see results from the regents with improvements atthe University. Iowa State University student leaders had said they opposedthe increase because of the burdens already on students due to the farmcrisis. Zak says U-of-I students also feel that burden. Zak says she wasdisappointed that I-S-U leaders reversed their position today and supportedthe tuition increase. The Presidents of the three universities all supportedthe increase, saying more money is needed to meet the demands of increasedenrollments. A new report says combined enrollment at Iowa, Iowa State & U-N-I hit a newrecord high this fall of 68-thousand-500.