It’s pretty unlikely you’d bump into artist Grant Wood, the Butter Cow,President Herbert Hoover and advice columnist Dear Abby at the same costumeparty — unless you’re headed to the “Famous Iowans” bash planned for thisweekend by the State Historical Society of Iowa. Historical Societyspokesman Roger Munns says costume party attendees need not be limited tocoming dressed as people who are famous Iowans, and says he expects somepeople to come dressed as appliances as well.Munns admits it may not be too hard to come dressed as some Iowans, sincethey’ve been dead for so long, most people don’t remember what they’resupposed to look like.Other creative costumes have included adult versions of the Iowa septupletswho were born in 1997, former first lady Mamie Eisenhower or MASH’s RadarO’Reilly. The party is slated for Saturday at 8 p-m at the State HistoricalSociety of Iowa atrium in Des Moines.