The Iowa Attorney General’s office is moving ahead with an investigation into Publishers Clearing House. Tom Miller wants to know if the company misled Iowans with solicitations for its sweepstakes. Miller’s spokeman Bob Brammer says a new settlement in Illinois could hurt Iowa’s case.There is a question about whether the East St. Louis case could prevent Iowa from seeking restitution from the Clearing House. Brammer says the 30-million dollar Illinois settlement won’t stop Iowa’s case from moving forward.The Illinois settlement laid out that states could pursue their own legal actions against the company, but could seek NO further restitution. Brammer says that does not bode well for Iowans who may’ve been lured into buying magazine subscriptions, thinking it would help their chances of winning the big-money sweepstakes.Brammer says if Iowa’s investigation leads to a lawsuit, it will be up to Iowa courts, not the federal judge in Illinois, to decide whether Publishers Clearing House should pay restitution.