Legislation that would raise the minimum wage is expected to pass the U-S House today, according to Iowa Congressman Tom Latham. But he says it may also include a measure to cut taxes so businesses can afford to provide the raises. Democrats support the bill which would raise the current wage by one dollar over a TWO-year period. Republicans prefer spreading the increase over THREE years while providing the tax cuts. Latham says it is POSSIBLE the minimum wage increase would pass while the tax cuts fail. He doesn’t believe that will happen.President Clinton has threatened to veto the bill if tax cuts are included. Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell says he fully supports an increase in the minimum wage, but has concerns about tax cuts.Boswell, a Democrat from Davis City, says he won’t vote against the bill if a substitute measure fails, but says he’ll have to consider all the things offered in the final version of the bill before making a decision on how to vote.