As Iowans begin working to make their lawns lush and green, they need to take care with weed-killing and grass-fertilizing chemicals so they don’t cause environmental damage according to Chuck Eckermann, chief of the Pesticide Bureau of the Iowa Department of Agriculture.Eckermann says homeowners who treat their own lawns need to read and follow all directions on the product labels — to protect their lawns, themselves and the environment. For consumers who aren’t do-it-yourselfers, he says they need to be careful in selecting who they chose to do their lawn work.Eckermann says the Iowa Ag Department is now tracking some 700 businesses statewide that’re licensed for lawn care work, in addition to 12-hundred individuals. He says Iowa consumers should only hire certified people to work on their lawns.For more information, call the Pesticides Bureau at (515) 281-5892 or call your local I-S-U Extension office.