The 20 remaining Iowa Jews who survived concentration camps are getting a small tax break from the state of Iowa. Governor Vilsack yesterday signed into law a bill which makes any payments concentration camp survivors receive for their forced labor “tax free.” Iowa’s Jewish Community Relations Commission president Dr. Glenn Pernell saluted legislators and the Governor for the move.David Fishel of Des Moines lived through six, different concentration camps. He was just a boy, but he was forced to do heavy work, carrying 100 pound bags.Fishel says he was young enough to endure the hard labor — and he says his hatred of the Nazis helped, too. Linda Fishwood of Des Moines survived six concentration camps and may receive payments from German corporations who used her labor. She was forced to make ammunition for the German war machine. She says they slaved for six years and the money should not be taxed.Some German corporations may pay concentration camp survivors back wages for their labor.