Governor Vilsack signed a bill into law Tuesday creating a fund to help pay for major recreation and cultural projects. The bill provides 200-million dollars to help cities with projects that cost at least 20-million dollars. Vilsack signed the bill in Knoxville, home of the popular sprint car races. He says Knoxville is an example of how important cultural and recreational events are to a community.Vilsack, a democrat, predicts the “Vision Iowa” fund will lead to many new things for Iowans.The bill also sets aside fifty million dollars for schools which find it difficult to raise local property taxes to repair crumbling buildings. He says it’s the first time the state has put resources directly into school buildings, making it a record-breaking bill.School districts in counties which have local option sales taxes for schools would not be eligible for the funds. House Speaker Brent Siegrist, a republican from Council Bluffs, attended the bill signing.Siegrist says the bill is something people will look back on years from now and say it made a difference in many ways.Vilsack will create a 13-member board to select the projects to get funding. ALL the money in the bill comes from the state’s gambling profits.