Coming this fall — yet another chance for you to become a millionaire on TV. The Iowa Lottery announced today it will be part of a new game show that’s a spin off of sorts from the popular “Powerball” multi-state lottery drawing. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Nuebauer says you can qualify for “Powerball – The Game Show” with a winning scratch ticket.If you scratch off your Powerball ticket and find a TV, you send it in, and are put in a pool of possible contestants. There will be one contestant drawn to play from Iowa, and one from the eight other states and the District of Columbia that also are part of the Powerball drawings. Nuebauer says 14 players will be chosen to play along at home with the Iowan who plays on TV.The money won by the home players depends on how much money the player on TV wins. Nuebauer says they haven’t decided the exact rules for the TV game, but do have a rough idea.The show will be taped in Hollywood. Bob Eubanks, who gained fame as the host of the “Newlywed Game,” will host the Powerball show. Nuebauer says the Iowa Lottery has been looking for a chance to run a regular game show, but says it costs a lot to produce without help from other states.The scratch tickets for the show go on sale August 10th. The first show is scheduled to air October 7th.