Could that Reeses Pieces-munching alien of the 1980’s have been more than a movie-makers fantasy? A lecture series beginning today at Iowa State University examines that question and others surrounding extraterrestrial life. ISU professor Alfred Kracher help organize the series called “Extraterrestrial Life: Scientific and Human Implications.” He says they received a grant from the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences to hold the lecture series.Kracher, who is a professor of Geological and Atmospheric Science, says the interest in other life forms is making a resurgence. He says new missions into outer space are driving the interest.Kracher says this won’t be a gathering of conspiracy theorists who believe the government is hiding alien spaceships from the public. He says it’s a scientific discussion. He says most people think there is life somewhere, the controversy is whether that life is “intelligent.”Tonight’s’ lecture features a founding member of a group that listens to radio signals trying to find intelligent life.A lecture September 29th will feature a speaker from the “Institute on Religion in the Age of Science.” His lecture is title: “Talking about God and Extraterrestrial.” The lectures are free and open to the public.