“Powerball — The Game Show” makes its debut tomorrow night featuring a 74-year-old retired teacher from Des Moines as one of its first participants. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer has high hopes for the new T-V show.One player goes to a final round for a shot at one million dollars. A player from Iowa and nine other players from the nine other participating states will take part on the weekly show. There will be an opportunity for Iowans to play tomorrow night’s game, too. Fourteen at-home players will win money based on how much players they’re linked to on the show win.Neubauer says people shouldn’t confuse this new T-V game show with the Powerball Lottery game. They’re seperate. The twice-a-week drawings for the jackpot are still underway. To get on the T-V show, Neubauer says you have to purchase a scratch-off ticket.Iowans may recognize show host Bob Eubanks from his many other game shows over the decades, including the “Newlywed Game.” Neubauer met Eubanks recently and says he’s very energetic but wouldn’t reveal his age — only that he’s younger than Regis Philbin.