If you don’t know who “Ike” is on a button that says “I like Ike,” you might learn a few things from a new display at the University of Iowa’s main library. The facility has opened an exhibit called “The Fifties: From Atomic Power to American Pie.” It contains an array of artifacts from that era, some that focus on the U-of-I itself.Stephen Dew, library services coordinator, says the display helps to show off some of the rarities in the U-of-I library system’s collections that are -not- books. He says the eclectic display of unusual items from five decades ago aims to help people understand a little more about the 1950s and how we arrived at 2000.Dew says the items range from bowling shirts to radios and from ceramics to toys like Robbie the Robot. In addition to being educational and entertaining, Dew says the display also generates plenty of conversations.The display is open through January of 2001.