Today, Bush campaign officials in Austin, Texas, will have to decide whether to ask for a recount of votes in 57 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Iowa G-O-P Chairman Kayne Robinson says Iowa Republicans are forwarding detailed voting data to Austin. Robinson says the Iowa party has made no recommendation on the recount.Robinson, the chairman of Bush’s Iowa campaign and other top Iowa party leaders met last night at Iowa G-O-P headquarters. Close of business today is the deadline for a recount decision in the 57 counties which certified their votes on Monday. Robinson says thousands of votes have changed since the Tuesday election giving a net increase in votes for Bush. He says there could be more change in a recount.Robinson says the Bush camp has discovered it may send letters via fax or e-mail to county auditors, asking for a recount. That means Republicans could wait ’til just before the close of business today to request a recount in the 57 counties and wait ’til Friday afternoon to make a decision in the 42 counties which certified election results Tuesday. Robinson says its’ “a close call.”