Appliance giant Maytag says it will keep its corporate headquarters in Iowa.In a statement released to the media, Maytag Chairman and CEO Leonard Hadley today confirmed that over the last 12 months there’s been a “formal project” to move the company out of Newton. Hadley says the company has now canceled the project. Hadley says he regrets that so much money and time was spent on the project. Hadley says while only about 100 of Maytag’s 35-hundred employees would’ve moved, he says it would have been a psychological blow to the state. Hadley returned as Maytag’s chairman just last month after the resignation of Lloyd Ward. The president of the Jasper County Alliance, Steve Noah, says the community is breathing a sigh of relief.Noah says it’s not a surprise that the company was investigating a move.Local officials believed Ward was leading the effort to move Maytag’s headquarters out of Newton. They hailed the news last month that Hadley was returning to lead the company.