We’ve heard much in recent years about the hardships of Iowa grain and livestock producers due to low commodity prices. Now, the U-S-D-A is making low-interest loans available to Iowa -apple- producers who are hurting due to sour returns for their crops.Chris Beyerhelm is farm loan program director for the Iowa Farm Service Agency. He says apple producers in Iowa have been hit by a combination of foul weather and low prices. He says only certain producers can apply for the loans those who have a minimum of ten acres in production. The loans can be for 300-dollars per acre for a maximum of 500-thousand dollars.Beyerhelm says the latest figures indicate there are 405 apple growers in Iowa. The loans can be used for a variety of farm-related expenditures, including: to refinance debt, buy equipment, expand or lease a farm, and to make capital improvements. The F-S-A has an office in each of Iowa’s 99 counties.