It happens every year about this time. Somebody misjudges the thickness of the ice and parks on a lake — and they don’t see their car again until spring when it’s pulled out by a wrecker. One Iowa law enforcement official says it’s -never- safe to venture onto the ice with a vehicle.Steve Schutte is a law enforcement officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ Clear Lake office. Schutte says taking your car or truck onto the ice can be a deadly trip.Schutte says if you do drive out onto the ice, there is a set speed limit of 15 miles an hour. He says some people travel fast up and down the lake and they could face a reckless driving charge.For people who want to run the risk, Schutte says there are a number of things they should do as safety precautions. First, he says to keep the door propped open.Also, keep the window rolled down as a means of escape and keep your seat belt undone.