A handful of Iowans are in Washington, D-C, playing a prominent role in preparing for President George W. Bush’s Inaugural on Saturday. Craig Schoenfeld of Des Moines is the “Deputy Communications Manager of Logistics for the Inauguration.” Schoenfeld has worked for Iowa Republicans for years, and was a member of Bush’s Iowa campaign staff. He says this is something many Iowans have been involved in for two years.Schoenfeld says seven other Iowans are working on the Inauguration plans.One of the Iowans involved in preparations is Becky Beach of Des Moines. She’s the granddaughter of Mary Louise Smith, a close friend of former President Bush from Smith’s days as chair of the Republican National Committee. Beach is working directly for the First Family and their close friends to make sure everything is set up correctly.Iowans at the Inaugural will attend a ball in the D-C Armory.The Bush camp sent out 500 Inaugural invitations to Iowans, but only 150 are expected to make the trip, as not everyone can afford the plane fare, hotel and the 125-dollar ticket to the ball.