An Iowa institution often associated with pigs and hogs is now working on a project focusing, in part, on elk and bison. Iowa State University agriculture education professor Harold Crawford is helping several tribal colleges in other states develop a variety of on-line courses.The courses for Native Americans are interested in conservation of natural resources and buffalo and maintaining their language and diet. One of the courses is in “ethnobotany” which is the preservation of historical plants. After 35 years at Iowa State, the “semi-retired” Crawford says it’s an interesting challenge to work on a project like this.Crawford says I-S-U is helping the tribal colleges develop the diverse courses for Native American students to eventually access over the Internet.I-S-U is providing the technical help for tribal colleges in New Mexico, Kansas, Wisconsin and South Dakota to develop the various courses. He says there are no textbooks for the information. Many of the traditions that are being incorporated into the classes are being gleaned from tribal elders.